2012 Trevor Horn Interview

‘That coldness; that precision’: Simon Price meets the man who invented the eighties


.......The Dollar project led onto Horn’s masterpiece, ABC’s The Lexicon Of Love........




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    Benjamin (Mittwoch, 08 Februar 2012 17:50)

    Trevor Horn ist einer der besten, wenn nicht gar der beste Produzent des
    globalen Musikgeschäftes.
    Ein gutes Interview - danke!

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    sarah (Donnerstag, 09 Februar 2012 11:00)

    the best

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    Peter W.B. (Freitag, 17 Februar 2012 12:08)

    it's interesting what the music world said about Horn in the early 80s and now
    very good interview

    hopefully Horn is involved in the anniversary surprises for the Lexicon 2012

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    Ann (Donnerstag, 01 März 2012 12:05)

    will Trevor be involved in the 30th anv gigs?