30th anniversary / 30ster Jahrestag "The Lexicon Of Love"

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    abcmartinfry (Montag, 25 Juni 2012 00:58)

    25th June 2012:

    Congratulations for 30 years „The Lexicon Of Love“ !

    My personal thanks to

    Martin (Fry) ☆☆☆ for keeping ABC alive
    David Palmer ☆☆☆ for your incredible drum power
    Stephen Singleton ☆☆☆ for your magnificent creative ABC artwork
    Mark White ☆☆☆ for forming Vice Versa with Stephen

    Jill Sinclair for alerting her husband Trevor (Horn) to ABC
    Trevor Horn for producing “The Lexicon Of Love”
    Anne Dudley for her awesome orchestration work
    Gary Langan for his professional engineering
    JJ Jeczalik for his great programming
    David Bowie for his “answer machine” idea for “The Look Of Love”

    and finally

    ABC for releasing my favorites “Overture” & “All Of My Heart”