ABC singer takes centre stage in honorary degree ceremonies

Pop star and former ABC singer Martin Fry will be made an honorary Doctor of Music at the University of Sheffield before his daughter takes to the stage to receive her own degree this month (16-20 July 2012).


ABC singer Martin FryABC singer Martin Fry

More than 30 years after the legendary songwriter graduated from the University with a degree in English Literature, Martin Fry will receive the award for his contribution to music on Thursday 19 July 2012 at noon.


The Look of Love and Poison Arrow singer will be joined by his family, including his Sheffield born wife Julie, in the University’s Octagon Centre before returning the following day as a proud father to watch his daughter Nancy receive her degree from the Department of Sociological Studies.


Stockport born Martin formed ABC in Sheffield in the 1970s when he joined a rock band called Vice Versa - who he met while writing his own city cultural scene fanzine - said: “It’s a great honour, this is very special to me.


“It really came out of the blue, I wasn’t expecting anything like this at all and I’ll carry it with me everywhere I go. The memories and experiences of my time at the University come with me too. I was recently at a radio station in Berlin and they had a paternoster which reminded of Sheffield. I would love to play on top of the Arts Tower.


“Being at the University was a big inspiration and 33 years on it’s great to see the shape the University is in, it’s gone from strength to strength and remains so active in the community. For me to come back is very exciting and I’m very proud of my daughter too, she’s done all the hard work.”

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