"The apprenticeship is over": ABC frontman Martin Fry looks forward to kicking off another tour with a twist

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Since Tears Are Not Enough, ABC's first single, made the UK top 20 in 1981, lead singer Martin Fry has been on what he describes as "a rollercoaster ride."

During a decade filled with era-defining hits from their six studio albums, the group went through numerous line-up changes and departures, until Fry was, eventually, the only continuing member.

Looking back on how he has withstood the test of time and is able to still be doing what he loves under the same guise more than 30 years later, the 57-year-old reflected: "It was all about growing up in public then, I guess - I've been on one helluva ride over the years, really. When I look back on it now, I say the apprenticeship is over."

When he first started out, with a new wave sound that signified the 1980s, and in the infamous gold suit that he teases has been the secret to his success, the music industry was a very different place.

So, what does someone whose material has spanned the generations think of the changes and of what artists and music itself are now?

"For me, writing and recording are two very different mediums. your soul has to shine through in both for it to mean anything, and that will always be.........


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