December 1980

ABC is formed early in 1980 when Martin Fry interviewed Mark White and saxophonist Stephen Singleton, both members of the band Vice Versa, for his fanzine Modern Drugs. When asked to do so, Fry joins the band as lead singer. Renamed ABC, the group survives its debut live performance in Sheffield, England.


November 1981

The band's first hit single, "Tears Are Not Enough," makes it to the #19 spot on the UK charts.


March 1982

A second hit single, "Poison Arrow" climbs to #6 on the UK charts.


June 1982

"The Look of Love" makes it to #4 on the UK charts.


July 1982

ABC's first album, "The Lexicon of Love" is a solid hit, establishing the band in the front ranks of the New Romantic movement. It will be certified gold in 1995. Studio musicians on the album include three members of the future group, Art of Noise: Anne Dudley, J.J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan. The album shoots to #1 in the UK and will remain on the U.S. charts for eight months.


November 1982

The band embarks on a successful world tour and makes a film called "Man Trap".


January 1983

"The Look of Love" climbs to #18 on the US singles chart, and the popular video gets much airtime on MTV.


November 1983

ABC's second album, Beauty Stab, makes it to the #12 spot on the UK charts. The first single, "That Was Then But This Is Now" peaks at #18 (UK). The new album has a heavier rock sound than Lexicon, and gets mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.


November 1984

Fry and White, the only remaining members, move to New York City; Beauty Stab has not fared all that well in the US, peaking at #69 on the LP chart.


April 1985

A single from the upcoming third album, "Be Near Me," reaches UK #26.


October 1985

ABC's third album, How To Be A Zillionaire, zooms to #28 in the UK and #30 in the US, while the ballad "Be Near Me" becomes the bands first Top Ten hit (peaking at US#9), and is a popular dance mix.


January 1987

Having struggled for all of the previous year with Hodgkin's Disease, Fry rejoins White to begin work on a fourth album.


September 1987

"When Smokey Sings," a tribute to Smokey Robinson, makes it to #5 on the US singles chart; previously it had reached the #11 spot in the UK.


October 1987

ABC releases its fourth album, Alphabet City, which hits #7 in the UK but does not do nearly as well in the US, topping off at #48 on the LP chart.


November 1987

"King Without A Crown" starts at UK #44, and goes downhill from there. Fry and White turn to producing -- an album for Lizzie Tear called Enter The Lizard and songs for the debut solo album of Paul Rutherford, formerly of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.


June 1989

"One Better World" grinds to a halt at UK #32.


October 1989

The album "Up", containing only seven tracks, reaches UK #58.



The compilation album "Absolutely" made the UK Top 10. A video package featuring promos was also released. One new song, "The Look of Love '90", was released to promote the package.



The album "Abracadabra" released. "Love Conquers All", the first single, barely placed in the UK chart, "Say It" appeared in the US dance charts.



ABC bands name ressurection - release of the album Skyscraping



ABC (Martin Fry only) released their first live album, The Lexicon of Live



Release of the album "Look of Love – The Very Best of ABC" featuring two new songs by Fry, "Peace and Tranquility" and "Blame". A companion DVD, along with a bonus disc of remixes, was also released



The VH1 show "Bands Reunited" attempted to get the line-up of Fry, Palmer, Singleton and White together for a reunion concert. Fry and Palmer appeared and played together (with help from Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo) for the first time in over twenty years. Singleton and White opted not to participate.


April 2008

The album "Traffic" released


Summer 2008

ABC on "Regeneration Tour" in the USA


April 2009

ABC performed the Lexicon Of Love album live at the Royal Albert Hall, accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Anne Dudley of Art of Noise, who arranged and played keyboards on the original record, conducted the performance.


Summer 2009

ABC on "Regeneration Tour" in the USA again


Summer 2011

Gigs in the UK and Las Vegas (USA)


December 2011

ABC at "Back to The 80s" in Germany (Hamburg & Berlin)


February 2012

ABC at "80s Rewind" in Durban, South Africa