David Palmer



David Palmer

David Palmer (born 29 May 1961) is a British drummer and percussionist featured on ABC's first album "The Lexicon of Love". After that album, Palmer pursued session drumming, notably appearing as a second drummer for the Japanese electronic band Yellow Magic Orchestra on their farewell tour in 1983 [other version: ..."but left ABC after the Mantrap world tour in 1983 to join the Yellow Magic Orchestra...."].

Palmer then returned to recording sessions on ABC's second album, only to leave shortly thereafter to embark on a successful career playing for artists such as The The & Rod Stewart. He performed on Andy Taylor's Dangerous album and was featured in the video for Duran Duran's 1988 single "I Don't Want Your Love", playing drums.

He re-appeared briefly as a ABC band member for the release of Ocean Blue. David formed later formed the band Person To Person, releasing their debut LP Stronger Than Reason in 1985. In 1989 he played on Up and in 1998 he wrote a number of tracks with Martin Fry and his song-writing partner Chuck Kentis, including "Peace And Tranquility". In 1990 David worked on Andy Taylor's cover song album Dangerous.


In 2004, he rejoined ABC for a one-off show for VH1's Bands Reunited, then rejoined the band permanently, and began collaborating with Martin Fry on a new ABC album, entitled "Traffic".


He was previously maried to the actress Shahla Kareen,they had a daughter.



David is now a session drummer, producer and songwriter, who has worked with many international artists including The Pet Shop Boys, Tom Jones, Art of Noise, The The, Billy Squier, Paul Young, Bryan Adams, Sting, Al Green, Danny Wilson, Jeff Golub, and Rod Stewart.

He has worked with Trevor Horn on several musical pieces including the albums: A Spanner in the Works, (Rod Stewart), and Lead Vocalist (Rod Stewart/Faces). He is also a film composer along with his partner, Chuck Kentis. The pair of them scored two independent films together, Gringo and Journey Man.