Year / Jahr              1985 

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"There's no need to compare this LP with The Lexicon Of Love, Zillionaire may not be as lush as dramatic but it's rather fab all the same. (8 out of 10)." - Smash Hits


"Zillionaire sees ABC in a surprisingly strong shape. Their own funky dance style remains but they've left out the strings to make the overall impact stronger." - Hitkrant


"Arguably the most underrated pop band of the 1980's, ABC cooked up the gem, How To Be A...A Zillionaire!, in 1985. This was considered a comeback album of sorts for those that were soured on the experimental and commercial failure of the misunderstood Beauty Stab. While most ABC fans will agree that you cannot top the classic The Lexicon of Love (and ABC was smart to never attempt it!), this album is a strong contender for their second best work to date. Martin Fry and Mark White added the artists and/or characters of the bubbly and zany, Eden, and the tiny Texan, David Yarritu, to the fold. While their contributions are, well, mysterious or even absent, in some ways, they do add a fun element to this album, which "Beauty Stab" sorely missed. Zillionaire kicks off with the aggressive "Fear Of The World" -- "There's so much panic in this world, but we are living in the best of all possible worlds." Hardly fluff, as dismissed by some critics. The use of heavy keyboards and drum programming hardly makes music lightweight and ABC typically proves this. In fact, this is evidenced throughout the album. "Ocean Blue" and "Between You And Me" are some of the most beautiful songs ABC has ever done. Incidentally, the single mix of the more orchestrial "Ocean Blue" is included as a bonus track here. You be the judge of which version you prefer. They both work, but I suppose I am partial to the posh mix. But, what about the dance tracks? Well, you get plenty. Obviously, you should have heard the enormous smash single "Be Near Me" or you should turn in your 1980's Membership Card now. It is a perfectly polished single which deserved its place in the Top 10, peaking at #9 in the US. The sometimes forgotten other Top 40 single "(How To Be A) Millionaire" is a dynamic track and an obvious commentary on greed, something we all know too well. Sadly, I have always preferred the remixed video edited version of this song, with the female back up singers jumping in with the "Tell Me!!!, Tell Me!!!, Tell Me!!!" chorus. I am still trying to find that version to this day, but to no avail. "Vanity Kills" continues the greed theme here, and does it well. But do not despair, ABC never loses it sense of humor. The PG-rated (depending on how you view Eden's line) "A To Z" is a riot. "So Hip It Hurts" is such an easy dance number that it is hard to resist. I have always been more partial, though, to "Tower Of London". In fact, I once made a point to visit Trafalgar Square just based on this danceable postcard to one of the world's greatest cities. I even find my way to forgiving Martin Fry for dissing my favorite city on the planet at the very end of the track with the line "New York! - Don't make me laugh, I've seen photographs". That's okay, Marty, we know that deep down you probably love both London and New York! Speaking of Marty, his voice is as rich and dependable as always. I use the word "always" because I strongly recommend 2008's Traffic to prove this point. As for the bonus tracks, they are all strong remixes of most of the dance numbers from Zillionaire. I am not sure why the remix of "Be Near Me" is not here, but remastered bonus tracks are typically hit or miss for any artist. ABC obviously moves on to the sophisticated pop of Alphabet City next. But, don't miss this brilliant snapshot of 1985 pop at its best." - Stephen E. Cohen 

Tracks / Titel   Minuten
01: "Fear Of The World"
02: "Be Near Me" 03:38    
03: "Vanity Kills"
04: "Ocean Blue"
05: "15 Storey Halo"
06: "A To Z"
07: "How To Be A Millionaire"
08: "Tower Of London"
09: "So Hip It Hurts"
10: "Between You & Me"
11. "Fear Of The World (In Cinemascope)"
12. "Be Near Me (Munich Disco Mix)" 05:27    
13. "How To Be A Millionaire (Bond St. Mix)" 06:05    
14. "Vanity Kills (The Abigails Party Mix)" 05:09    

Title/Titel Label Cat# Country/Land Year/Jahr
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Neutron NTRH3 UK 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (one-sided Promo LP) Neutron ABCDJ12 UK 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Phonogram 824904-1 UK 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (Cass)

Neutron /




UK 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 GER/D 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 NL 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 ITA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 BRASIL 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 COLUMBIA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 90.074-L VENEZUELA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire [Como Ser Un Millionario](LP) Mercury 27285 ARG 1986
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Vertigo VOG-1-3354 CA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 28PP-1011 JAPAN 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 824904-1 USA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD) Mercury 824904-2 EU 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD) Mercury 824904-2 USA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (Cass) Mercury
824904-4 EU 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (Cass) Mercury 824904-4 USA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (LP) Mercury 422824904-1 USA 1985
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD) Mercury PHCR-2080 JAPAN 1991
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD Re-Release) Mercury 824904-2 UK 1998
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD Re-Release) Mercury 983378-1 EU 2005
How To Be A Zillionaire (CD Re-Release) Mercury 983378-1 UK 2005
Credits Notes Information    


Martin Fry, Mark White, Eden & David Yarritu


Arranged By – Mark White

Artwork [Art] – ABC, Keith Breeden

Engineer – Martyn Webster

Engineer [Assistant] – Charles Harrowell, Dietmar Schillinger, Heff Moraes, Mark Stent, Mike Drake*, Paul Corkett, Paul Wright

Lead Vocals – Martin Fry

Management [Worldwide] – Robert Warr

Mastered By – Ian Cooper

Mixed By – Julian Mendelsohn (tracks: 01, 03 to 05, 07 to 10), Martyn Webster (tracks: 02, 06)

Performer – David Yarritu, Eden (15)

Photography By [Black And White Portraits] – Nick Knight

Piano, Synthesizer – Don Snow

Presenter [Band Represented By] – Robert Warr

Programmed By [Beatbox], Drums – Keith LeBlanc

Sampler [Fairlight C.m.i.] – Gary Moberley

Synthesizer [Emulator Ii], Sampler [Fairlight C.m.i], Synthesizer – Mark White

Written-By, Producer – Mark White, Martin Fry


Recorded at Jacobs Studios Surrey, Mixed at Sarm West Studios, London. 84 into 85

Mastered at Townhouse Studios, London

Art - Keith Breeden at Design K.B./Best Films/ABC

ABC are represented worldwide by Partisan Management, 71 Great Russell St., London W1



Brad Lang: Bass guitar on tracks 1, 7,8, 9, 10 & 12

Jackie Challenor, Maye MacKenna, Lorenza Johnson: Backing vocals on tracks 1, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 13

Alan Carvell: Backing vocals on tracks 3, 4, 5, 10 & 14

David Palmer: Hi hats on tracks 1- 3, 11, 12 & 14

Guy Barker: Trumpet on tracks 3 & 14

Chris Whitten: Additional drums on track 5

Skip McDonald: Guitar on track 8

David Williams: Guitar on tracks 7 & 13

Produced by: Martin Fry & Mark White