Martin Fry from ABC


Liz Crosthwaite • Published 31 Mar 2011 12:30


Rewind Festival, Henley




THE 80s music spectacular that is Rewind Festival is doing the timewarp in Henley again this year, and returning to the main stage by popular demand will be ABC.


Frontman Martin Fry, the last original member of the chart-topping New Wave group, said that he was looking forward to returning to the event, which has been called 'the festival for people who don't go to festivals'.


He said: "I'm very much looking forward to it. I played last year as a guest with Tony Hadley and it is going to be good to expand to playing a full set this year. I'll be playing all the hits and it might be nice to throw in one or two new songs.


"Rewind is something special, it has been running for two years and each time it has been fantastic, a magical experience."


With ABC joining a bill including Bananarama, The Village People, Kim Wilde, Haircut 100 and Billy Ocean, Martin said that he was looking forward to meeting old friends: "There's nothing quite like a festival experience. It is good running into faces I have not seen in the while."


He added that the festival's reputation as a 'glamping' - glamorous camping - destination, held a lot of appeal.


"The glamping thing works really well, but then again all festivals are pretty glam now. Back in the 70s and 80s, festivals were just one queue for the loos!


"Festivals in 2011 are very different, they have got more five star, almost! I think Rewind is probably one of the poshest festivals out there - you can come down the river like Queen Elizabeth I if you want!"