Jul 3, 2009 3:20 PM



By Scott Iwasaki


Deseret News

Published: Thursday, July 2, 2009 6:34 p.m. MDT



ABC delighted to bring more '80s music to its fans



Martin Fry, founder and vocalist for '80s sensation ABC, said last year's Regeneration Tour with fellow '80s artists the Human League and Belinda Carlisle was so much fun he wanted to do it again.


"It was also a very big success," he said during a telephone call from his home in London. "And we were happy that it was going to take place this year, too."


The difference this year is ABC will hit the road with Wang Chung and the Cutting Crew.


"There is just something about '80s music that people love," Fry said. "People grew up with the music, and they had many important events in their lives that happened either because of the music or as they were hearing it."


Fry said with that kind of legacy he needs to make sure ABC can still play the songs as well, if not better, than it did back in its heyday.


"You don't come see a show to see an act destroy their own songs," he said with a laugh. "Seriously, though, I do take the songs seriously. I want to make sure I can sing them well.


"Voices change over the years. But I do try to take care of my voice. I yodel in the afternoon. I take honey and drink tea. At least that's what I'm suppose to do. But I do talk too much."


A lot has happened to ABC in the past year. Not only did the band tour the world with the first Regeneration Tour, but it also released an album, "Traffic," after an 11-year recording hiatus. Earlier this year, it performed at Royal Albert Hall.


" 'Traffic' was written out of experiences we had while on tour in the United States," said Fry.


As for the show at Royal Albert Hall, Fry said it was an enjoyable experience.


"We were told to perform the songs from our first album 'The Lexicon of Love,' for the performance. So we did. We performed the album in its entirety with the BBC Concert Orchestra.


"There were 80 people on the stage, and the show was magnificent. The orchestra really enhanced the arrangements."


"However, the Regeneration Tour will not be like that performance," said Fry with a laugh. "And to think that there are people who want to see us performing songs from 20 years ago. I could not have conceived that 20 years ago."