Martin Fry top of a new peak



Published on Wednesday 10 November 2010 15:44


SHEFFIELD was alive with the sound of music when ABC's Martin Fry returned home for an '80s Rewind Christmas Tour - fresh from climbing a mountain in Marrakech.


The Poison Arrow star has his sights onscaling new heights on stage, by improving his fitness to deal with the gruelling demands of touring.


And the 52-year-old is also giddy about the beautiful views.



"I've just got back fromthe Atlas mountains - I've been climbing a mountain in Toubkal, just outside of Marrakech,'' Martin exclusively revealed to The Star.


"I'm aiming to get really fit and healthy for these shows. So I think I'm going to climb a few more mountains. There's something about the altitude. It makes you feel giddy and happy - it's a good feeling. So I'm getting into that.


"A lot athletes doaltitude training.Not only is it a beautiful view at the top of Mount Toubkal, in Morocco, but it is definitely a healthy thing and it increases your capacity."


Martin, who will next year celebrate the 30th anniversary ofABC's global debut album The Lexicon Of Love,still has other mountains to climb in his musical career.


"I'vebeen recording some new songs. It';s just a pleasurable experience. I've also got songs I want towrite. They flash past in your subconscious. They run off into the shadows when you're half asleep. So there's a couple of those left to chase.


"I've achieved many of my ambitions. I think it's time I wrote a book anddocumented itall. That's probably the next thing to do."


He climbed inside a nostalgia jukebox for the80's Rewind Christmas Tour, at Sheffield's Motorpoint Arena on Monday, December 6.


The Christmas party night out featured frontman Martin blasting out ABC's greatest hits, such as Poison Arrow, The Look Of Love, Tears Are Not Enough and All Of My Heart as part of a concert tour set list of more than 50 chart hits from the decade.


Also performing were Kool And The Gang (Celebration, Joanna ), Sister Sledge (We Are Family, He's The Greatest Dancer), Go West (We Close Our Eyes), The Christians (Ideal World), T'Pau (China In Your Hands) andHoward Jones (Got To Get ToKnow You Well and What IsLove?).


Martin said: "It's a bit like climbing inside a jukebox. It's going to be a great ticket for people to come to and party. All the acts involved are upbeat. It'll be a funky pop evening. It's also amassive party back stage. That's why I really enjoy touring this way.


"The Night You Murdered Love was a song influenced by Chic and Sister Sledge, so it was time to dust that one down - since we're playing on the same bill as Sister Sledge.


"I always look forward to catching up with everyone in the city. My relatives on my wife Julie's side of the family are in Sheffield.


"Sheffield gave me everything - an opportunity, a chance to start. I now spend a lot of time in London but I still get back to Sheffield.


"My daughter, Nancy, is at Sheffield University - so when I'm walking down West Street I've seen a lot of different ghosts.


"It's strange looking back over 30 years. You think you should really live in the present. But it is a great achievement to have lasted this long.


"Definitely I'll be back on tour with a full set - possibly in 2011. It's tough playing a bill with seven acts, but it makes for a great show."