Bridgewater Hall

December 6, 2009


THAT ABC’s Lexicon Of Love is now considered by some to be one of the top 100 albums of all time for its complexity of song writing, and for Trevor Horn’s miraculous production, is not surprising.


What is a surprise however is that, 27 years later, ABC still has the pulling power to saddle up on the back of a 50-piece orchestra and fill The Bridgewater Hall for a complete run-through of that album, when I’ve never met anyone else other than my dad who admits to liking the band.


It’s a mighty achievement for a band who have been out of the limelight for so long.


Is this a pop concert? I’m not sure. The show is split into two parts, the first seeing ABC perform songs from its non-Lexicon back catalogue. But from the off it feels more like a film score from an eighties’ blockbuster than electro chic.




This is epic reproduction on every level – just how Trevor Horn would like it I’m sure – but despite a high standard with tracks such as Ocean Blue and How To Be A Millionaire, ABC fail to stir the audience who are obviously waiting for the main show in part two.


When it comes, the audience are like a crackling thunder cloud waiting for a break, excitedly dancing in their seats without standing, and ecstatic in their reaction. ABC perform the classic set in order except at the end where they switch 4 Ever 2 Gether for All Of My Heart so they can dedicate it to each and every one of us. That might be cheese too ripe for some, but it’s gladly received by others.


Poison Arrow is popular, and Date Stamp is wrongly, mutely received, but The Look of Love sees people dancing in the aisles.


If this night is anything to go by ABC will continue to play this classic album in its entirety for many years to come.