By Therese Owen   29th February , 2012 :



Durban’s Kings Park saw 20 000 old toppies in dayglo dancing the humid night away to 10 of the best 1980’s artists.


The 80s Rewind Festival has enjoyed success in England for the past two years and debuted here with a big bang. There are plans to bring the concert back to the country for the next two years.


The concept is basic but it works well. Each artist performs six songs with the able help of a tight house band.


Imagination’s Leee John opened the concert ...........


It puts paid to the perception that the 1980s artists were mostly one hit wonders who relied on their good looks and music videos to get them a number one hit.


“Back in the day we all hated each other,” confessed ABC’s Martin Fry during an interview. “We were all competing to become number one and there was only one number, one space. But now we all get on.


“I think 1980s music is so durable because they were filmed. It is hard to visualise the 1970s artists because they weren’t filmed as much. But YouTube has made our music accessible to younger people, too. This is my third career. It’s sort of the post-poster boy period. It’s a great feeling performing my hits like Poison Arrow and Look of Love.”


And perform them he did. Wow.........